Suggest Setup

The purpose of this widget is to give you an easy way to configure an autosuggester. At the moment you can choose between no autosuggester (“None”) and the TellusR autosuggester (“TellusR Suggester”).

In order for configuration changes in this widget to take effect, you need to click “Save” and then perform a re-indexing.

alt text


Indexing of the autosuggester can either be started manually by clicking the “Start Indexing”-button, or it can be set up to run regularly based on the frequency you select in the “Index Frequency”-dropdown. Based on which frequency you select, the indexing will run at the following times:

  • Daily resolution: each day at 08:01
  • Weekly resolution: each monday at 08:01
  • Montly resolution: first day of the month at 08:01
  • Yearly resolution: first day of year at 08:01

The times above are in UTC.

Configuration options for the suggester

Core Selector

The core selector in the left menu decides which core should show these suggestions. This setting is only used when deciding which core will use the configured suggester when using the search bar inside the TellusR Dashboard. In this TellusR supports scenarios when you use a separate suggester core.

Suggester Core

Here you should choose which core suggestions should be fetched from. Unless you want to use a separate suggester core this should be the same as the selected core.

Suggester Handler

Choose which request handler should serve suggestions. In the default configuration that is shipped with TellusR, /autosuggest is preconfigured as a suggester handler, and will show up as an option if you are using this.

Query Fields

One or more fields that should be queried when searching for suggestions. The fields can be given relative weights to make matches in some fields more important. Please make sure that these fields do not have a field type that requires strict matching. The fields should offer matches on single words, and not only exact matches of whole field values.


This is the field that contains the suggestion that is shown to the user and that should be used in the real query if the user chooses it.

Spelling Corrections

If the user mistypes a word, this is the max number of edits that suggester will allow between the typed term and those found in the query fields configured above.

Index Frequency

How often TellusR should initiate reindexing of the suggester. The suggester should be reindexed when new products are added, in particular if they contain terms that are not already not known by the suggester.