The purpose of this widget is to give you an overview of trending search queries and trending search queries that result in zero hits.

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Trend Scores

For each search query on the top lists you can see a short term trend score (ST) and a long term trend score (LT). The search queries with high ST-score are the ones that have been trending during the last days, whereas search queries with high LT-score have been trending during the last weeks. To be more exact:

The trend scores are sums of exponentially decayed event-counts. This is approximately equal to a floating average of number of events through the short or the long term. The short term is one week and the long term is three months. So a short term score of 1 indicates that a query has occured once every day through the last week and a long term score of 0.5 indicates that the query has occured on average 0.5 times per day during the last three months."