Roles and Users

TellusR dashboard has user role-based access to the widgets, and it’s API functionalities. In this section, we will discuss about the roles, default users and how to reset password.


Two roles for the users:

  1. Admin
    • Admin users can access “Admin” menu in the TellusR dashboard where some advance setup options are available.
  2. Basic
    • Basic users have some limited access to the TellusR dashboard.

Default users

Two users are automatically created when TellusR is installed. Both users have same default password.

  1. tellusr
    • tellusr user has admin role
  2. basic
    • basic user has basic role

Reset password

After login into the TellusR dashboard, user settings option is available at the top right position. User settings

Selecting the option “Change password” will navigate to the reset password page. Change password

We highly recommend to change the default password just after installing the TellusR solution. Simply use the TellusR dashboard to change the default password for the auto created users.